Entrepreneurship and its various topics have become significant issues in contemporary administrative thinking, especially considering that most recent projects worldwide have emerged primarily from entrepreneurial ideas presented by entrepreneurs who possess comprehensive knowledge of how to transform ideas into successful projects. In this context, the new program (Master in Business and Entrepreneurship) aims to prepare and train specialists in entrepreneurship and business management and equip them with contemporary practices in this field to address modern institutions’ challenges.

It is expected that graduates from this program will be equipped to utilize ethical and professional awareness and expand this concept within entrepreneurship. Human capital has become one of the most essential elements for any entrepreneurial business in our contemporary societies, which are driven and influenced by knowledge. The employees’ skills and competencies draw the institution’s success in a globally competitive environment.

In response to enhancing competitiveness and meeting the requirements of the Palestinian and Arab labor markets, and to prepare specialized experts researchers in the program, and strengthening the role of entrepreneurship in solving contemporary problems and issues, Palestine Ahliya University sought to license this program in line with its mission and vision, which emphasize commitment to sustainable and comprehensive economic development by providing the labor market with skilled specialists, promoting scientific research, and disseminating knowledge. The MA in business and entrepreneurship is one of the contemporary and distinctive programs distinguished by its interdisciplinary nature, encompassing several elements of financial, accounting, and managerial knowledge and skills.

The program’s courses cover various topics and knowledge related to the employment process, its specific criteria, team management techniques, and crisis management within projects. As a result, the students will be exceptionally qualified, which enables them to work professionally in managing entrepreneurial projects. There are numerous opportunities and employment areas for graduates in both the private and public sectors and non-governmental organizations, municipalities, and civil society institutions.


The MA in Business and Entrepreneurship program aspires to be a globally renowned program that contributes to developing entrepreneurial projects and business management at various levels. It aims to provide knowledge and skills to the next generation of entrepreneurial leaders with ethical and social responsibility. This is achieved through well-designed curricula, impactful scientific research, and active participation in community development, thereby supplying the labor market with competitive graduates at the local, Arab, and international levels in entrepreneurship.

Graduates of this program can work as:

1. Training and Development Unit Manager
2. Entrepreneurship Unit Manager
3. Employee Relations Manager
4. Organization Development Manager
5. Entrepreneurship and Human Resources Consultant
6. Entrepreneurial Project Manager and Business Administration.