The MA. in Finance and Accounting allows students to acquire skills in scientific research, practical and professional application of advanced accounting, finance, economics, financial statement analysis, financial and managerial auditing, institutional management, and risk management in financial and economic institutions. The program also enables students to work proficiently with computerized programs in the financial and accounting fields.

Palestine Ahliya University offers this program through a distinctive combination of theoretical and practical courses and more than ten years of experience in providing programs in economics, finance, banking, accounting, and technical accounting, with a distinguished professional faculty with various knowledge and expertise. The program enables students to choose between the comprehensive exam track or thesis track, ending by defending a Master’s thesis, which facilitates employment (professional work) and doing PhDs.

In terms of meeting the requirements of the Palestinian and Arab labor market and preparing a specialized cadre of researchers in the fields offered by the program, namely accounting, finance, and economics, which enhance the financial and accounting role in solving contemporary financial and accounting problems and issues, Palestine Ahliya University has offered this program in accordance with its vision and mission, which emphasize commitment to sustainable and comprehensive economic development through supplying the labor market with skilled professionals, advancing scientific research, and knowledge dissemination. The MA in Finance and Accounting represents one of the contemporary and specialized programs characterized by interdisciplinary knowledge, including multiple financial, accounting, and administrative elements.

The Financial and Administrative Sciences faculty, with its three specializations: Financial and Banking Sciences, Accounting, and Insurance and Risk Management, and Business Administration, along with a distinctive research and academic faculty equipped with financial, economic, and administrative expertise, makes the existence of such a postgraduate program in these fields an investment of experience and an ideal for refining skills and experience, and promoting economic research, and benefitting optimally from expertise, thus opening new horizons for work and scientific research.

Furthermore, this specialization complies with meeting the requirements of achieving the National Financial Inclusion Strategy, which aims at elevating the level of financial inclusion in Palestine by focusing on building financial capabilities for Palestinian society members, enhancing access to and utilization of financial services, developing financial and economic products that meet the needs of the targeted groups, and enhancing and developing the technological environment and launching modern financial technology services (Fintech). This specialization might be one of the most contemporary and advanced infrastructures for achieving this strategy.

The program aims to supply the local, Arab, and international labor market with competitive graduates who can engage in distinctive research and knowledge experiences in accounting, financial, and economic fields. Additionally, the program equips students with the necessary abilities to excel in professional accounting and financial exams, making them leaders in economic decision-making in their communities. The program’s mission complies with the university’s mission by providing a research and knowledge-based program that contributes to boosting a learning culture by:

• Meeting the educational and cultural needs of the Palestinian community by providing quality programs and complementary services to the missions of Palestinian higher education institutions.
• Setting up an economy based on production, dissemination, and knowledge marketing.
• Providing opportunities for higher education.
• Offering academic programs in the fields of finance and accounting.
• Working on human resource development by graduating trained professionals in various specializations.
• Contributing to keeping citizens in their homeland rather than draining them studying abroad.
• Working on improving the quality of educational outputs, particularly in technical specializations.

Graduates of MA. in Accounting and Finance possess the following characteristics that contribute to the local, Arab, and international labor market:

• Graduates with knowledge and skills in accounting, financial, and administrative fields that cope with contemporary scientific and technological advancements.
• Graduates who are academically and practically qualified to work in various accounting and financial fields.
• Graduates qualified to obtain professional certifications in accounting and finance fields such as CPA, CMA, and CFA due to the program’s focus on advanced accounting and financial topics in quantity and quality.
• Graduates who possess research and analytical skills, enabling them to pursue their PhDs.
• Graduates who Possess analytical and critical scientific thinking, practical applications, teamwork, and the ability to link scientific knowledge with practical applications.
• Graduates who are trained in using case studies or field reality, with extensive computer utilization due to the faculty and university’s commitment to preparing scientific personnel capable of dealing with the latest technologies in accounting Apps.
• Graduates who Possess scientific abilities for communication, interaction, and discussion in economic, accounting, and financial fields.
• Graduates with the necessary computer skills to master accounting, financial, and finance software.
• Graduates who are capable of entrepreneurial thinking to establish their businesses.

Graduates of this program can work in:

1. Banks, financial, and economic institutions.
2. Public sector.
3. Financial and accounting auditing firms.
4. Private companies.
5. Entrepreneurial sectors and business accelerators.
6. Universities and educational institutions.
7. Financial consulting.
8. Contract management and business relations.

In addition, students can do their PhDs. with ease and convenience since the program has a thesis track.