The Physical Therapy and Bone Rehabilitation program is a type of allied medical sciences used to improve movement disorders and enhance human body functions and optimal health. It is considered one of the specializations within the allied medical sciences and focuses on diagnosing and treating medical conditions and movement disorders. Through innovative educational, research, and therapeutic programs, the MA in Physical Therapy and Bone Rehabilitation will be at the forefront of providing high-quality education for students and postgraduate students in the field of musculoskeletal problems. It also emphasizes the rehabilitation of individuals with disabilities resulting from pain, illness, or injury. In addition, it offers bone rehabilitation services to patients from different categories.

The Physical Therapy and Bone Rehabilitation program aims to improve and develop life aspects through prevention, treatment, and rehabilitation. Physical therapy is an interactive method between physicians and patients based on physicians’ evaluation of patients’ movements and subsequent diagnoses to initiate a treatment plan.
Physical therapists play a crucial role in providing healthcare services to various clients. Regarding human health, seeking the most knowledgeable, experienced, and skilled professionals to obtain the best quality care is essential. Therefore, physical therapy professionals must possess the knowledge and qualifications to work with different clinical cases, such as injuries affecting the musculoskeletal system.
Since the current and future needs of communities have become increasingly inactive due to advanced technology in the world and our country, the development of the physical therapy profession has become inevitable. The significance of the Physical Therapy and Bone Rehabilitation program is evident in developing knowledge and skills for proficient physical therapy practitioners who are prepared to provide excellent care for bone-related cases efficiently and effectively.
Palestine Ahliya University strives to supply universities and centers in both public and private sectors with qualified graduates in Physical Therapy and Bone Rehabilitation. However, there needs to be more trained practitioners in physical therapy due to the lack of postgraduate programs focusing on this field. Therefore, having the MA in Physical Therapy and Bone Rehabilitation at Palestine Ahliya University will pave the way for graduating skilled professionals, which will improve the quality of services provided to complex cases and conduct scientific research.

The Physical Therapy and Bone Rehabilitation program aspires to be a globally renowned program that contributes to the development of public health and well-being for individuals. It aims to be a reputable and pioneering program with professional independence, monitored and cited in the international scientific platform, by providing priority-oriented educational services and policies.

• The applicant must hold a Bachelor’s degree with at least a good grade in Physical Therapy from a recognized university.
• The applicant must successfully pass the interview with the program committee and be accepted.
• The applicant should pass some remedial courses if the first degree needs to be updated and/or cover some basic concepts

Graduates of this program are expected to master the following:

• Communication and interaction skills with patients and specialists.
• The ability to identify and analyze the health, physical, psychological, and social problems of the patient, contributing to formulating treatment goals and implementing appropriate treatment plans according to the patient’s needs.
• The ability to gather and evaluate data and improve scientific research skills.
• Demonstrating personal behaviors, conduct, and values that reflect awareness and commitment to legal and ethical issues in healthcare and physical therapy practices.
• Having the Skills to apply contemporary scientific research methods in Physical Therapy and Bone Rehabilitation.
• Contemporary and in-depth knowledge and awareness of advanced modern techniques in Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation, and optimal use of modern technology in all aspects.
• Professional administration and leadership of multi-specialty programs in Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation.
• Proficiency in proposing innovative and evidence-based solutions in Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation.
• The ability to actively participate and positively influence the local and global community and labor market.

The MA. in Physical Therapy and Bone Rehabilitation enables graduates to work in various academic, clinical, administrative, and research fields, especially in:

• Physical Therapy departments in hospitals and specialized rehabilitation centers for musculoskeletal disorders.
• Specialized private clinics for musculoskeletal injuries.
• Research institutions specialized in applied clinical research and project writing in Physical Therapy and body health.
• Institutions and academic universities specialized in teaching Physical Therapy.
• Working in quality assurance and licensing units in Physical Therapy, activating relevant legislation in the Ministry of Health and other institutions.