MA. in Artificial Intelligence and Data Analytics is a multidisciplinary Master’s program that keeps up with the rapid advancements in the fourth industrial revolution, represented by artificial intelligence on the one hand and data science and analysis on the other hand. With the continuous increase in the volume and nature of data in various fields of life, such as health, economy, education, industry, tourism, social networks, and marketing, there is a need to rely on artificial intelligence algorithms and machine learning, as well as big data analysis tools and techniques to develop systems capable of solving problems in intelligent and creative ways, providing innovative entertainment solutions, and enabling various sectors to make appropriate and decisive decisions based on data after exploration, analysis, and proper representation.

The program offers distinctive courses that simulate the remarkable advancements in data science, artificial intelligence, and data analysis, with a total of 36 credit hours taught through advanced teaching methods, such as project-based learning. The program has two tracks: the thesis track and the comprehensive exam track.

To keep pace with the rapid advancements in data science and artificial intelligence, serving the Palestinian community and the world by producing graduates who are researchers and specialists in these distinguished fields, contributing to establishing a knowledge-based and creative economy.

Applicants must hold a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, Computer Engineering, Electrical and Electronics Engineering, Information Technology, Information Systems, or any related field with a GPA of no less than “Good.” The applicant will also have a personal interview conducted by the Graduate Studies Deanship.

The credit hours required to obtain MA.  in Artificial Intelligence and Data Analytics


Compulsory Requirements Elective Requirements Thesis Track Comprehensive Exam Track مجم
21 credit hours for both tracks.

-9 credit hours/ thesis track

-12 credit hours  /comprehensive exam track.

6 Cr.H. 3 Cr.H. 36

Upon completing this specialization, students are expected to be able to:

1. Understand and apply computational and statistical methods and modeling to express and analyze data to assist in making appropriate decisions in various life sectors.

1. Identify and analyze problems using valid scientific methods to reach proper decision-making.

1. Apply concepts, principles, and algorithms of artificial intelligence and machine learning, such as deep learning, neural networks, CNN, RNN, classification, linear and non-linear prediction, reinforcement learning, and others, in different life sectors.

1. Lead projects in top high-ranking data analysis, such as social media or medical data, to analyze and represent them and make critical decisions based on them.

1. Efficiently use data analysis results in all fields and sectors and professionally communicate these results and their implications in business processes.

1. Please adhere to the ethics and standards of this profession in dealing with data, algorithms, results, and their implications in making decisions.

1. Establish a pioneering business venture by leveraging scientific and practical skills in data analysis and artificial intelligence in various life domains.

1. Adopt lifelong learning in this rapidly growing and evolving field.

Potential Job Locations:

1. Higher Education Institutions, including universities, colleges, and institutes.
2. Arab and international research centers.
3. Institutions, companies, and banks that rely on data analysis in their profession.
4. Telecommunications and information technology companies.
5. Central Statistical Bureau.
6. Possibility of working in entrepreneurship or freelance positions.

Potential Job Titles:

1. Data Scientist
2. Artificial Intelligence and Data Science Consultant.
3. Top High-Ranking Data Analyst.
4. Information and Data Technology Officer.
5. University Faculty Member.
6. Researcher in the Field of Data Science and Artificial Intelligence.
7. Developer of Artificial Intelligence and Top High-Ranking Data Apps.