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It is a model for youth-friendly health services with a comprehensive concept at the campus of Palestine Ahliya University. It offers a package of health, psychological, and social services to achieve better health for young people. The benefits include health information, counseling, and preventive and therapeutic services. It also serves as a well-equipped center to provide adequate services to students and young people at Palestine Ahliya University. The center offers a safe space and environment for young people to express themselves, meet their health, social, and psychological needs, and discuss relevant issues while preserving their privacy and confidentiality. The center is also equipped to accommodate individuals with disabilities.


The targeted group for the center’s services:

The Youth Health Center welcomes all members of the community, especially the youth sector, both within and outside Palestine Ahliya University, without discrimination based on gender, social status, profession, or role within the university, including students, employees, and academic staff. Additionally, the center is open to providing services to the local community.


The staff at the Youth Health Center, “Sadeek Al-Shabab,” includes trained and qualified individuals who provide services to young people in a comfortable environment that ensures the necessary privacy and confidentiality when dealing with various youth health issues. The center offers the following youth-friendly health services:

  • Individual and group psychological and social counseling.
  • Gender-based violence awareness.
  • Drug, alcohol, and smoking awareness.
  • Medical services, disease treatment, health education, and awareness.
  • Referral to specialized institutions when required.
  • Professional guidance and career counseling.
  • Nutritional counseling and advice.
  • Reproductive and sexual health services, including knowledge, education, disease prevention, advice, and answering students’ questions regarding their health and relationships.

Location of the Youth Health Center, “Sadeek Al-Shabab”: 

You can access the youth-friendly health services at the Youth Health Center, “Sadeek Al-Shabab,” located in the main building on the first floor of the university campus.


The Youth Health Center Operating hours, “Sadeek Al-Shabab”: Saturday to Wednesday, from 08:00 AM to 04:00 PM.


Activities and schedules: You can find the schedule of activities and events through:

  • The official website of Palestine Ahliya University.
  • Social media platforms affiliated with the university.
  • Regular visits to the center.



Contacting the Youth Health Center, “Sadeek Al-Shabab”: Don’t hesitate to visit the Youth Health Center, “Sadeek Al-Shabab,” where you can experience a comfortable, reassuring, and confidential atmosphere. The most important thing is to benefit fully, as each case is treated individually, ensuring continuous follow-up until the beneficiary is satisfied. For any inquiries, you can contact the following numbers:


  • Dr. Mohammed Al-Mu’ti: +972 598 905 239.
  • Nurse Maha Abu Salem: +972 569112783.
  • Extension: 212.