To provide the labor market with competitive graduates at local, Arab, and global levels in economic development, capable of engaging in distinctive research and knowledge experiences, of becoming leaders in financial decision-making and alteration in their communities.

· Meeting the needs of the Palestinian sector for specialists in the development field and applied analytical economics.
· Contributing to creating a generation of researchers in economic sciences and sustainable development.
· Providing the labor market with generations capable of decision-making, planning, and analysis in international development and economics.
· Enabling students to deal proficiently with computer applications in statistical and economic analysis.
· Increasing opportunities to access higher education, making it accessible to the community based on merit criteria, in line with other objectives within the higher education rehabilitation strategy, updating, and development framework.
· Coping with and meeting the needs of the national financial inclusion strategy, which aims to increase financial inclusion in Palestine during the plan’s implementation period (2018-2025).
· Enhancing cooperation with partner institutions and local community organizations.
· Including technology transfer and practical training based on regional and international expertise.

The Master’s program in International Economics and Development is designed to equip students with the highest level of theoretical frameworks and applied skills, enabling them to bring about the required changes and make influential contributions to professional and community groups. There are many employment opportunities and sectors for program graduates, such as:
• Banks, financial, and economic institutions
• Ministries
• Civil and international institutions
• Private companies
• Entrepreneurial sectors and business accelerators
• Universities and educational institutions
• Financial and economic development consulting
• Contract management and business relations.
In addition, there is the chance to do a PhD with ease and convenience since the program offers separate research tracks.