E-learning and leveraging educational technology have become a reality, and the need for them has become crucial. Universities can no longer be limited to traditional methods, and any university unable to adapt to the rapidly changing environment is destined to decline. Recognizing the importance of e-learning, Palestine Ahliya University established a center for this purpose in 2009, following a meticulous study and strategic plan preparation.

The desired e-learning does not aim to entirely replace traditional teaching methods, such as classroom lectures and student attendance. Instead, it seeks to support the learning process with flexible tools and create a learning environment that utilizes technologies to increase student engagement and place the student at the core of the educational process. This leads to adopting blended learning, combining both e-learning and traditional methods, which integrates their advantages together.

The E-Learning Center was established at the beginning of the second semester of the academic year 2008/2009 after the approval of the university’s strategic plan for e-learning, which was developed by the end of the first semester of the same academic year. Several motivating factors led to this establishment, including:

1. The urgent need to develop the teaching and learning process and utilize educational technologies.
2. Creating a flexible and user-friendly learning environment that focuses on learners’ needs that achieves the goals of the Quality Assurance Unit.
3. Bridging the gap with advanced educational systems.

VISION: Achieve leadership in e-learning through its utilization, dissemination, conducting strategic and consultative studies, scientific research, practical studies, and shaping the future of education and learning using innovative methods.

MISSION: Utilize e-learning to enhance the student learning experience, support administration performance, and create a flexible and user-friendly learning environment that focuses on learners’ needs, which achieves the goals of the Quality Assurance Unit.

1. Supervising all e-learning activities at Palestine Ahliya University, including managing the e-learning site, supervising the development of e-courses, and training university staff on e-learning issues.
2. Leading e-learning activities in educational institutions in the region (universities, colleges, schools), including setting up learning management systems (LMS) and supervising their usage and training.
3. Conducting studies and research on e-learning issues.
4. Promoting e-learning culture.
5. Enhancing the quality of e-courses.
6. Leading e-learning services in the region.

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