Undoubtedly, the human element is the most critical resource on which organizations, especially universities and contemporary higher education institutions, rely to achieve their mission and strategic objectives in the face of regional and global competition, technological advancements, administrative complexities, and the difficulty of decision-making. This necessitates continuous and serious work to enable them to play a distinctive and effective role in confronting these challenges, which can only be accomplished by those who believe that performance quality is the way to continuity, growth, and development.

Hence, the role of research, studies, and training centers in analysis, policy-making, and decision-making has grown, directing and shaping future decisions. Therefore, the need to establish a specialized center for developing human and financial resources to serve the priorities of the university and the Palestinian community has become an urgent necessity.

Due to the increasing demand for these services, particularly in the field of human resource development, as it is considered the most critical input for any productive process, many studies and research have indicated weaknesses and deficiencies in this area.

VISION: Optimal investment in Palestinian human resources to achieve comprehensive, sustainable development.

MISSION: To achieve sustainable human development by reviving the values and capabilities of the human element, unlocking hidden potentials to translate knowledge into practical reality, and bringing about positive change in the perception of Palestinian human resources locally, regionally, and internationally.

• Contributing to the development of human resources in various Palestinian sectors by establishing a learning community and a network of specialists in the field of human resource management, facilitating knowledge and experience exchange among individuals and organizations with expertise in human development.
• Supporting this network with an advanced database to facilitate knowledge and information for members and interested parties in Palestine and the region.