The Continuing Education Center was established at the beginning of the first semester of the academic year 2011/2012 as a training unit at Palestine Ahliya University. The center aims to build capacities and develop human resources in the Palestinian community to meet the demands of the labor market.

VISION: To be a distinguished educational, service-oriented, and training reference for developing and enhancing human resources in the Palestinian community.

MISSION: The center is an educational and developmental service center that focuses on developing the capabilities of individuals and public and private sector institutions scientifically and professionally. This is achieved by implementing qualification and training programs, encouraging scientific research in coordination with other continuing education centers in other universities and relevant institutions while maintaining performance quality, transparency, trust-building, establishing international partnerships, and implementing joint and distinctive training projects.

1. Enhancing individual and institutional skills through various high-quality applied training programs.
2. Improving institutional performance levels and competitiveness through providing consultations to public and private sector institutions.
3. Developing the functional performance of employees in both public and private sectors by offering educational and professional pathways.
4. Improving and intensifying knowledge and skills for other segments of the community.
5. Contributing to community service by utilizing the human and technical capabilities of the university.

Contact Us:
Center Coordinator: Mrs. Asma Hassan Youssef (, Phone: 2764045, Extension: Office 146.