The Special Education Center was established in 2011 at Palestine Ahliya University to provide appropriate training for specialists, teachers, educators, parents, and stakeholders working in the field of special needs. The existence of a specialized academic center in special education in Palestinian universities is of utmost importance due to the apparent shortage of qualified professionals in this field, which has become one of the most urgent needs in Palestinian society. This initiative is based on the general recommendations of the national strategy for teacher qualification.

VISION: The center aspires to be a leader in preparing studies and public opinion polls with the highest quality, professionalism, credibility, objectivity, and neutrality.


1. Organizing training courses to qualify specialized personnel, including teachers, trainers, educators, specialists, and concerned parents, in caring for and rehabilitating individuals with special needs.
2. Contributing to activating educational programs related to special requirements by preparing various educational activities.
3. Raising awareness about individuals with special needs and their dimensions, focusing on the importance of early detection of different disabilities.
4. Defending the rights of individuals with disabilities in Palestine and empowering them in various fields.
5. Organizing cultural and recreational competitions and programs for individuals with special needs,
6. Publishing brochures, books, and periodic magazines covering various disabilities,
7. Conducting research and studies in the field of special needs in cooperation with local and international associations and institutions,
8. Organizing seminars, conferences, and exhibitions related to individuals with special needs in Palestine,
9. Establishing a specialized computer center for individuals with special needs,
10. Exchanging experiences and collaborating with local, Arab, and international cultural and academic institutions to achieve the association’s objectives,
11. Contributing to the development and service of the local environment and community.
12. Transforming the university into an institution that integrates people with special needs so that it gives new opportunities to all societal groups to study at universities.

Contact Us: The center can be contacted throughout the week from Saturday to Wednesday, from 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM. For inquiries, you can email us at Center Director: Dr. Mohammed Okka