Uniqueness and leadership in digital content production, animation, and visual effects specialized staff through qualified graduates capable of competing locally and globally.

Admission Requirements and the Required Credit Hours:

Passing the General Secondary Examination (Tawjihi) or its equivalent in all streams.

Note: A drawing placement test will be conducted.

Credit hours required for obtaining the degree in this program:

Total Free Major Requirements (51)  Program Requirements  Faculty Requirements 
74 0 Elective Compulsory Elective Compulsory Elective Compulsory 
0 50 0 8 0 16


Intended Learning Outcomes (ILOs): Upon the completion of this specialization, students are expected to be able to:

  1. Analyze scenarios and storyboards.
  2. Determine methods to transform scenarios into applicable artistic works.
  3. Identify tasks assigned to an integrated team member in the digital production field.
  4. Illustrate storyboards and create characters for animation and their respective environments.
  5. Prepare scenes with professional settings for 3D scenes.
  6. Create visual effects using the latest tools and software.
  7. Animate two-dimensional and three-dimensional characters.
  8. Edit video clips with supporting sound effects for scenes.
  9. Express oneself verbally.

Potential Workplace: Graduates can work in/for:

  1. Local and international satellite TV stations.
  2. Artistic production companies.
  3. Advertising, marketing, and graphic design companies.
  4. CNC carving on stone and wood: Utilizing digital animation to simulate and visualize the carving process for stone and wood materials using Computer Numerical Control (CNC) machines.
  5. Universities and specialized institutes.
  6. Freelance work and telework.

Potential Job Titles:

  • Animator
  • Visual Effects Artist
  • Designer
  • Producer
  • Director