The Department of Student Affairs was established alongside the establishment of the University in 2007 to be the link between students and PAU administration as it directly relates to students’ care and academic activities. The Department is responsible for providing all the services needed by students and providing them with all the amenities and psychological stability required to assist them in their academic, social, health, and emotional progress. The Department is fully in charge of students’ affairs during their university studies.


Providing a university environment suitable for students to enjoy and succeed in the acquisition of knowledge, strength and excellence in their academic and social affairs.


To encourage the spirit of pride and belonging in order to build and develop involved and balanced students that fosters a spirit of leadership, and to strengthen students’ ties with the community and encourage them to engage community service.


  1. Support students to achieve a balanced academic and personal life.
  2. Educate students and encourage involvement in student life at the University.
  3. Provide cultural, academic, psychological, social and physical activities.
  4. Provide special care for Palestinian students from Historic Palestine as well as those with special needs.
  5. Energize students and encourage the development of their academic talents and employ them in productive work while maintaining a healthy amount of leisure time.


Name Position E-Mail
Mr. Yaqoub Al Aisa Athletics Coordinator
Ms. Lubna Adawi Social Activities Coordinator
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Dr. Muhammed Sabnna

Dean of Student Affairs

00970 - 22751566 / 130