The Student Affairs Deanship was established with the university’s inception in 2007 to serve as a bridge between the student body and the administration, encompassing all departments and divisions. It directly engages with students, cares for their well-being, and oversees their activities. The Deanship is responsible for providing all necessary services for students, ensuring their comfort and mental stability, supporting their academic progress, and fostering good morals. It enhances students’ educational, cultural, and sports performance.


To create a suitable university environment for students to acquire knowledge, strength, and excellence locally and internationally.


To instill a sense of national pride and belonging to build and prepare well-rounded and balanced individuals. The Deanship aims to develop leadership skills and encourage students to serve their community.


  1. Contribute to preparing university students to achieve balanced and integrated personalities.
  2. Raise awareness among university students and strengthen their sense of belonging to their homeland.
  3. Provide support for cultural, academic, psychological, social, and sports.
  4. Offer special care for Arab students from the interior and students with special needs, if any.
  5. Develop and refine the potential and talents of university students, harnessing them for fruitful work and making good use of their leisure time.
Name Position E-Mail
Mr. Yaqoub Al Aisa Athletics Coordinator
Mrs. Ola Obeidallah Administrative employee
Mrs. Ameera Jubran Social and psychological specialist
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Dr. Muhammed Sabnna

Dean of Student Affairs

00970 - 22751566 / 130