The Department of Counseling and Mental Health specializes in assisting students in adapting to their university lives and overcoming personal, social, mental, and academic challenges they may face. This is achieved through individual or group counseling and therapy, employing modern scientific methods, whether preventive, therapeutic, or developmental. The department helps students understand themselves and their capabilities, develops their skills, and encourages them to excel and be creative, enabling them to become more adaptable with themselves and their society. This, in turn, enhances their effectiveness, productivity, and sense of satisfaction and responsibility.


The mechanism of work and intervention with students:

The mechanism of working on direct intervention with university students aims to assist them in adapting to their university life and overcoming the challenges they face. These challenges may be related to various life pressures and stresses, both mental and social, as well as educational challenges, and their impact on the student’s life and academic performance. This is achieved through individual and group counseling and therapy.
This is achieved through an interactive relationship between two or more individuals, through regular dialogue. The goal is to help the student understand themselves and assist them in solving all the problems they encounter during their educational journey at the university, addressing mental, social, and educational aspects. Guidance and therapy are provided by specialists in accordance with a professional principles, methods, and foundations.

The goals of the department are being worked on at different levels, as follows:

1. Developmental:

– Building the student’s character and developing their skills in dealing with problems.
– Discovering their strengths and enhancing confidence in their ability to overcome difficulties.
– Providing a safe environment for dialogue and discussing events and topics that matter to them.
– Assisting new students (the freshmen)in adapting and adjusting to their new university life.

– Assisting students with disabilities in integrating into the university environment and overcoming any challenges they may face.

2. Preventive:

– Early mental intervention aimed at reducing stress and preventing the occurrence of problems or psychological disorders.

– Guiding students and providing them with social, psychological, and academic support.
– Raising social awareness and promoting mental health among students.
– Developing students’ capabilities and performance, as well as acquiring new social skills.
– Coordinating and networking with community institutions related to mental health to build a healthy and sound community.
– Assuring students that everyone is susceptible to psychological crises and daily life events that cause stress and pressure are temporary. It is important to seek support from external sources or professional specialists to help us.

3. Therapeutic:

– Providing counseling and psychological and social therapy services for students.
– Addressing disorders and problems that students face to achieve psychological and social balance in their personality.
– Improving the mental and emotional performance of individuals suffering from psychological disorders that affect their daily functional performance.
-Monitoring life-threatening cases.

Services of the Department of Counseling and Mental Health:

  • Mental and Social Counseling and Awareness.
  • Individual and Group Mental Counseling and Therapy.
  • Mental and Social Support Activities.
  • Building and Developing Capabilities.
  • Workshops.
  • Training Courses.