Department of Sports Activities


The university has sports venues located within the campus, supervised by the Department of Sports Activities by the Dean of Student Affairs. These fields include the following:

1. Volleyball court.
2. Basketball court with all its equipment.
3. Tennis court.
4. Five-a-side football venue.
5. The sports hall includes table tennis tables and sports equipment.
6. There are also iron bars, dumbbells, and gymnastic equipment.

The Sports Department oversees and organizes student activities with the Dean of Student Affairs, student blocs, clubs, and academic associations. They conduct seminars, trips, and literary and scientific festivals, with particular emphasis on sports activities. They provide trainers for students interested in participating in these activities, especially in folk dance, karate, and various sports teams. The department aims to strengthen the relationship between faculty members and students from different colleges and deepen the connection between university students and the local and external community.

Future Aspirations and Plans:

1. Connecting with local and international scientific institutions and cultural centers to hold lectures and seminars.

2. Engaging with local and Arab universities with similar interests to exchange experiences and participate in sports, cultural, and academic visits.

3. Working towards building a specialized sports education department in the long term.

4. Establishing the infrastructure for the community in the sports field to make the university a sports reference for all regional colleges and universities.

5. Hosting regular sports championships held at the university level.