The Social Rehabilitation specialization aims to prepare trained technical cadres capable of responding to the changes in the Palestinian community. This is achieved through designing, implementing, and evaluating rehabilitation programs for individuals with disabilities. The specialization focuses on identifying the needs and addressing the health, educational, social, psychological, and environmental challenges by leveraging the local community. This approach ensures that individuals with disabilities achieve independence, self-confidence, and a dignified life.

Admission Requirements and the Required Credit Hours:

Passing the General Secondary Examination (Tawjihi) or its equivalent in all streams.

Credit hours required for obtaining the degree in this program:

Total Free Major Requirements (52)  Faculty Requirements  University Requirements 
72 0 Elective Compulsory Elective Compulsory Elective Compulsory 
0 52 0 5 0 15

Intended Learning Outcomes (ILOs): Upon the completion of this specialization, students are expected to be able to:.

  • Discuss the concepts, standards, and principles of disability rehabilitation. 
  • Understand the types of disabilities, their causes, and rehabilitation methods. 
  • Analyze theories related to working with individuals with disabilities. 
  • Use skills in the field of disability rehabilitation.
  • Apply rehabilitation concepts in professional practice in the private sector and in governmental and non-governmental institutions. 
  • Utilize counseling skills in the social assessment of individuals with disabilities and able to design comprehensive rehabilitation programs tailored to each individual’s specific disability.

Potential Workplace: Graduates can work in/for:

  1. Special education centers.
  2. Rehabilitation centers for individuals with disabilities.
  3. Institutions and centers for the elderly.
  4. Addiction rehabilitation centers.
  5. Rehabilitation centers for individuals with psychological disorders.

Potential Job Titles:

  1. Social Rehabilitation Worker.
  2. Social Qualifier.