About the Program

Office automation refers to the varied computer machinery and software used to digitally create, collect, store, manipulate, and relay office information needed for accomplishing basic tasks. Raw data storage, electronic transfer, and the management of electronic business information comprise the basic activities of an office automation system. Office automation supports optimizing or automating existing office procedures.

Office automation allows users to transfer data, mail and even voice messages across a network. All office functions, including dictation, typing, filing, copying, fax, telex, microfilm and record management, telephone and telephone switchboard operations, fall into this category.


  1. Office automation can make many ordinary tasks more time-efficient.
  2. It eliminates the need for large staff.
  3. Less storage is required to store data.

Multiple people can update data simultaneously in the event of changes in schedule.

Credit Hours required to obtain the Diploma in Office Management and Automation


Conditions of Admission and Continuation of Specialization

  1. Entrance Requirements: Successful completion of the high school general exam “INJAZ” or equivalent in all branches.
  2. Continuation Requirements: Students must maintain a cumulative average of 55% to continue their specialization and a minimum of 60% for graduation.