The Office Automation and Administration specialization aims to prepare professionals with high competence and experience, ready to work in the local and global markets in secretarial work, executive secretarial roles, and office administration. This can be achieved by providing students with different skills that serve them professionally, including administrative, technological, and leadership skills.

Admission Requirements and the Required Credit Hours:

Passing the General Secondary Examination (Tawjihi) or its equivalent in all streams.

Credit hours required for obtaining the degree in this program:

Total Free Major Requirements (52)  Faculty Requirements 
68 0 Elective Compulsory Elective Compulsory
0 52 3 13

Intended Learning Outcomes (ILOs): Upon the completion of this specialization, students are expected to be able to:.

  1. Master the art of dealing with the public in Arabic and English.
  2. Develop written communication skills in Arabic and English.
  3. Be proficient in typing in Arabic and English.
  4. Be Competent in handling regular and electronic mail and internet browsing for office-related tasks.
  5. Be proficient in modern electronic programs for secretarial work and office tasks.
  6. Acquire skills in using and operating modern office equipment and tools.
  7. Enhance the necessary technical skills for secretarial work and office tasks.

Potential Workplace: Graduates can work in/for:

  1. Government ministries and institutions.
  2. Charitable organizations and private institutions.
  3. Private commercial companies.
  4. Industrial and service institutions.
  5. Government and private schools.

Potential Job Titles:

  • Business Supervisor 
  • Business Analyst 
  • System Administrator 
  • Trainer 
  • Web Administrator 
  • Functional Analyst 
  • Team Leader 
  • Data Entry 
  • Manager Assistant