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Mr. Mohammad Shaded

Dean of Applied Professions & Sciences Faculty

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The collective conviction and faith of the Faculty of Professions and Applied Sciences at Palestine Ahliya University drive it to consistently seek genuine partnerships with all relevant parties within and beyond the university. This is in order to fulfill the university’s role in developing vocational and technical education in Palestine and raising its standards to match global levels in advanced countries. This is accomplished through introducing administrative and technological programs that meet the needs of the Palestinian and Arab labor market, with qualified scientific and professional competencies capable of performing their tasks competently. This is part of our commitment to support the journey of scientific research and the pursuit of the digital transformation towards a knowledge society, and preparing graduates with high qualifications to enhance their academic and intellectual readiness.

The Faculty of Professions and Applied Sciences at Palestine Ahliya University is considered one of the Faculties that plays a significant and effective role in preparing and graduating administrative and professional personnel needed by the Palestinian and regional labor market in many vital specialties. This is achieved through the introduction of comprehensive and high-level academic programs that integrate theoretical studies with practical applications to prepare distinguished graduates capable of competing for job opportunities locally, regionally, and internationally.

The Faculty of Professions and Applied Sciences at Palestine Ahliya University also offers administrative and technical programs that allow students to enroll in bridging programs in other Faculties within the university for those who wish to pursue their postgraduate studies. All of this is made available through academic staff and faculty members who spare no effort in serving our students.



To provide the best quality of professional and technical education through the delivery of a variety of diploma programs.


To provide high-quality programs that focus on both theoretical knowledge and practical applications which, in turn, help students participate in the development of Palestinian society. Our aim is to provide students with the qualifications and skills necessary to work in various fields within their profession through providing academic and vocational programs that include both research and practical training. We do this by:

  • Providing academic and vocational programs that meet the needs of the Palestinian labor market.
  • Providing labor markets in Arab countries with trained persons who are qualified to practice their work professionally.
  • Keeping abreast of technological development in society.


The Faculty of Applied Professions at the Palestinian Ahliya University aims to achieve the following:

  1. To provide distinct, high-quality programs that are directly related to the needs of the community at the national level.
  2. To contribute to the development of the Palestinian economy by providing the local market with highly skilled personnel.
  3.  To provide opportunities for a large sector of Tawjihi students from all streams to complete their university studies in a variety of professional and applied fields related to the requirements of the local, regional and international labor markets.
  4. To provide a secure and promising future for graduates by imparting them with outstanding theoretical and practical knowledge that enables them to enter their field with confidence.
  5. To contribute to reducing unemployment through closer relationships with the community in various fields of service and industries for the benefit of both parties.