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Mr. Mohammad Shaded

Dean of Applied Professions & Sciences Faculty

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The College of Applied Professions was established as part of the University’s strategy to contribute to the provision of vocational education and training opportunities. The goal of this type of education was implemented in order to meet the evolving demands of technological development in work and life, fill gaps in the Palestinian labor market, and provide the markets of neighboring Arab countries with qualified and professional human resources. The University boasts specialized facilities and laboratories, and includes non-curricular activities, all of which contribute to providing the academic and training needs necessary to prepare students for a successful working life.

The College provides a number of programs designed to deliver excellence in education and training and to keep abreast of the latest academic and technological developments in both local and international labor markets. Our programs adapt to suit the abilities, desires, tendencies and skills, required to support students to shape a better future for a professional and decent life. The distinguished academic atmosphere and PAU’s desire for collaboration assists the College in furthering partnerships with local, regional and international institutions.

As the College continues to grow, new programs and specializations are added to meet this need. New programs are modeled on the excellence of graduates who have demonstrated their abilities in all fields, both internally and externally. The College offers diplomas in the areas of Information Technology, Office Management and Automation, Technical Accounting, Marketing and Product Management and Community-Based Rehabilitation.


To provide the best quality of professional and technical education through the delivery of a variety of diploma programs.


To provide high-quality programs that focus on both theoretical knowledge and practical applications which, in turn, help students participate in the development of Palestinian society. Our aim is to provide students with the qualifications and skills necessary to work in various fields within their profession through providing academic and vocational programs that include both research and practical training. We do this by:

  • Providing academic and vocational programs that meet the needs of the Palestinian labor market.
  • Providing labor markets in Arab countries with trained persons who are qualified to practice their work professionally.
  • Keeping abreast of technological development in society.


The College of Applied Professions at the Palestinian Ahliya University aims to achieve the following:

  1. To provide distinct, high-quality programs that are directly related to the needs of the community at the national level.
  2. To contribute to the development of the Palestinian economy by providing the local market with highly skilled personnel.
  3.  To provide opportunities for a large sector of Tawjihi students from all streams to complete their university studies in a variety of professional and applied fields related to the requirements of the local, regional and international labor markets.
  4. To provide a secure and promising future for graduates by imparting them with outstanding theoretical and practical knowledge that enables them to enter their field with confidence.
  5. To contribute to reducing unemployment through closer relationships with the community in various fields of service and industries for the benefit of both parties.