Through its current program, the department aims to produce distinguished graduates in accounting and auditing education committed to the accounting profession’s ethics. These graduates will be capable of competing and adapting to changes in the business environment. One of the most essential features of the current program is its inclusion of integrated courses that qualify graduates for different accounting positions.

The Accounting Department also seeks to provide its graduates with a combination of scientific and practical skills, enriching the labor market with a distinguished elite of accountants capable of competing for advanced positions in the labor market, and they will also build strong relationships with various stakeholders in the accounting field.

The Department of Accounting grants a BA. major in accounting, and students can choose a minor in Financial and Banking Sciences, Administration, or Islamic Banking. This integration of administrative and financial sciences allows graduates to work in multiple fields in the labor market.

Passing the General Secondary Examination (Tawjihi), or its equivalent with an average of at least  65% in any stream.




Students can join this specialization if they obtain a GPA of 70% as a minimum in both courses (Principles of Accounting 1) and (Principles of Accounting 2). They must complete 134 credit hours, including 17 major courses, two electives, and the rest are compulsory. The two elective courses can be chosen from a list of elective courses. In any case, a student cannot graduate unless he/she gets a GPA of not less than 1.5.

Credit hours required for obtaining the degree in this program:

Minor Requirements Major Requirements  Faculty Requirements  University Requirements 
elective Compulsory Elective Compulsory Elective Compulsory Elective Compulsory 
6 24 6 45 0 27 3 24

Potential workplace:

  1. Working in accounting departments of private and public organizations and government agencies.
  2. Working in different departments of financial institutions (banks, insurance, investment, stock exchanges…etc.).
  3.   Working in tax departments and tax auditing.
  4. Conducting financial consultations, feasibility studies, and project economic evaluations.
  5.   Working for international organizations, profit and non-profit organizations.
  6.   Working in government institutions and ministries.
  7. Working in commercial, industrial, and construction companies (both private and public sectors).
  8.   Working in educational institutions and higher education as teachers or professors.


Potential job titles

Accountant Accountant in Banks
Financial Accountant Account Manager
Accounting analyst forensic Accountant
Assistant auditor Certified Administrative Accountant
Legal Accountant Computer Audit Specialist
Certified Public Accountant   Cost Accountant 
Auditor   Field Manager
Financial Analyst   Tax Consultant
Industrial Accountant   Income Tax Investigator
Internal Auditor   Income Tax Officer
Industrial auditor   Internal Audit Manager
Data entry         tax analyst
Production Accountant Sales Accountant
Government Accountant Head of accounts department
Instructor Systems expert
Systems Analyst Reinsurance Analyst