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Dr. Naser Jaradat

Dean of Business Faculty

00970 - 22751566 / 180


The Faculty of Administrative and Financial Sciences was established to provide exceptional education to students in three main areas: Business Administration, Accounting, and Finance.

In order to best meet the needs of our students, we offer three major and four minor options. We do this so that our students can specialize in their specific area of interest, and the University can continue to provide students with high quality technical and practical knowledge in order to adapt to the rapid and continuous changes created by globalization.

The strategy of our Faculty is to focus on academic research and innovation to contribute positively to the knowledge-pool from developed countries in the fields of administration, accounting and finance. The Faculty seeks to provide students with distinctive quality education in order to face the successive challenges in the marketplace.


To maintain a distinctive reputation at a national level, and to produce highly skilled alumni and deliver high quality programs.


Our mission is to provide our students with outstanding education and training through the delivery of high quality programs based on contemporary knowledge and strong ethical principles. Moreover, the college is keen to enhance the academic research culture among faculty members and students.


  • To develop the skills of faculty members and encourage them to carry out academic
  • To deliver high quality education for students.
  • To provide students with basic skills in business administration, accounting and finance.
  • To encourage a spirit of community service among employees and students.
  • To develop the competencies of graduates in a variety of sectors within the fields of business administration, accounting and finance.
  • To adapt curriculum at par with current knowledge and practice in their field of study.
  • To develop students’ academic research skills.
  • To contribute to building students’ character in order to succeed in the marketplace.