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Dr. Adnan Qubbaja

Dean of the Administrative and Financial Sciences Faculty

00970 - 22751566 / 180


The Faculty of Administrative and Financial Sciences was established to provide excellent educational services to students in Business Administration, Accounting, and Financial and Banking Sciences.

To achieve the best outcomes, the Faculty distributed sub-specializations, allowing students to have both a major and a minor in specialization. The Faculty aims to equip students with the best scientific outcomes in line with the ongoing developments in the business environment to adapt to the rapid and continuous changes brought about by globalization and openness.

The Faculty of Administrative and Financial Sciences Strategy focuses on scientific research and innovation to cease importing knowledge from advanced countries in administration, accounting, and finance. The Faculty seeks to develop its expertise and services by providing students with an exceptional education to face the continuous challenges in the labor market and to benefit from the experiences of the academics working in the department.

VISION: To maintain a distinctive national reputation, produce highly skilled alumni, and deliver high-quality programs.

MISSION: The mission of the Faculty of Administrative and Financial Sciences revolves around providing the best educational and training services to students by providing high-quality education based on contemporary knowledge and high ethical principles. The Faculty considers professional and cognitive development while promoting a culture of scientific research and community service.

• Developing the skills of the academic staff and encouraging them to conduct continuous scientific research.
• Providing high-quality educational opportunities for students.
• Providing students with basic skills in administration, accounting, and finance.
• Encouraging a spirit of community service among staff and students.
• Enhancing the competencies of graduates in various sectors of administration, accounting, and finance.
• Providing students with the latest contemporary knowledge related to their majors.
• Developing students’ skills in scientific research, problem analysis, teamwork, and creative thinking.
• Building students’ character to succeed in the marketplace.