The PAU Special Academic Programs Department was realized in order to support underserved students from Palestinian communities inside the green line.  These students, who graduate from Germany Community College, lack the opportunity to be accepted into any Israeli university.  In order to meet this need, PAU developed this program with an aim to upgrade their education to meet the criteria for a Bachelor Degree.  Since 2013, PAU has worked to provide these students with a high quality post-secondary education.

Acceptance into this program rests on the following:

  1. 20 Students are required under one major each year in order for the program to run.
  2. Each group should come through a partnership agreement with the University and the Germany Community College.
  3. There are three weekly study days; two days of theoretical lectures and one for practicum.


To achieve excellence and leadership in the education of Palestinian students from inside the green line by providing them with the necessary academic research skills to compete locally and globally.


The Special Academic Programs Department seeks to provide academic opportunities for Palestinian students from inside the green line, who are subjected to the systematic practice of limited access for Palestinian students to be accepted into Israeli universities.  Through valuing social responsibility for all Palestinians, regardless of where they live, PAU offers a range of academic disciplines suited to the local and international labor market. SAPD believes that integrating Palestinians from inside the green line into Palestinian Universities will support the development of their Palestinian cultural identity in their society.


The aim of this program is to meet the need of our Palestinian communities inside the green line with higher education and future professional career opportunities through the following:

  1. Registering students in a chosen major at the University according to the Palestinian Ministry of Higher Education regulations.
  2. Compressing the students’ weekly schedule into two or three days to minimize travel cost.
  3. Providing the opportunity to interact with Palestinian students from West Bank and Jerusalem.
  4. Providing the opportunity to study near their family, as opposed to studying outside of the country.
  5. Providing the opportunity for enhanced cooperation and communication among Palestinians from all over Historic Palestine.
  6. Enhancing the efficacy of Palestinian academic staff inside the green line.


Name Position E-Mail
Mr. Wael Zboun Chair of Special Academic Programs Dep