About the Program

The DAL was established at Palestine Ahliya University out of its conviction that the Arabic language forms a  strong foundation for understanding the other sciences. Knowledge of this language is an obligation of the nation. Thus, this department exists to serve the Arabic language, cultivate belief and pride in it, preserve its content, and deepen the study of its fields and literature.

The department devotes a great interest in the cognitive and professional construction of the students, their knowledge acquisition and improving their academic achievement. This can be accomplished by providing students with modern tools and information, in addition to training them in the scientific approach to critical and academic research, and encouraging them to engage in free expression that respects the opinions of others. Moreover, the department encourages creativity which is reflected within the structure of the Arab culture, and thus strengthens Arab identity and deepens its study. This is accomplished through coordination with counterpart departments at regional and international levels in order to engage in joint research between PAU and counterpart departments at other universities. To this end, agreements are signed with these universities and formal exchanges of students and faculty is promoted.

The required hours of the bachelor degree program


Admission requirements

Passing the General Secondary School Examination, or its equivalent with an average of 65%.

Continuation criteria:

  1. Passing Arabic Skills 1 and 2
  2. Passing the following major courses, with a GPA of 1.5:
  • Jahilate (Pre-Islamic) Literature (0110205)
  • Morphology (011020)
  • Arabic Rhetoric (0110210)