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Mr. Muhammed Tmeizeh

Dean of Admission and Registration

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Palestine Ahliya University is one of the up-to-date Palestinian universities that made its way to excellence in a record time through offering Palestinians unique and varied set of specializations that nourish the spirit of academic excellence and enrich varied national economic sectors. To accomplish this vision, the PAU offers  a quiet and ideal atmosphere in addition to well-qualified academic and administrative staff. The Deanship of Admission and Registration is the first and last stop of the university students so that the they will embark on their academic trip and then return to harvest their tedious journey with success. Therefore, Deanship of Admission and Registration, through its staff and electronic systems, assist students in choosing the appropriate specialization that takes into account the their tendencies and fits their level and stream in the general certificate of the secondary school. The department also register the courses of the freshmen students in their first semester and provide all the information they need about the university rules and regulations through holding a welcome reception day. The department also keeps and checks students’ records. In parallel to all of the aforementioned duties, the deanship offers its services to all university students until it finishes its duty by issuing the lists of graduates and providing post-graduation services to students.


Towards totally automated admission and registration process


We strive to achieve the principle of comprehensive efficiency in the exploitation of human and financial resources to make admission and registration process easy through an electronic portal that meets all the needs of students in terms of punctuality and effectiveness. We also seek to advance the development of the electronic admissions system.


  1. Developing technical and personal skills of the employees.
  2. Enhancing electronic systems for acceptance and registration models.
  3. Adhering to university policies and ensuring quality assurance.
  4. Optimal use of resources.


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Mr. Majdi Dajna Registration Division
Ms. Sondos Abdeen Registration Division