Palestine Ahliya University established the Supplies and Purchasing Department on September 25, 2007, aiming to provide the university’s needs for stationery, furniture, equipment, and other materials. The department is responsible for preserving and distributing these materials according to the approved internal regulations while ensuring it keeps pace with modern developments in supplies and purchases management and the affiliated warehouses.

VISION: To be a distinguished and efficient university in meeting its needs, striving for continuous improvement and development, and achieving integration in all its departments and sections.

MISSION: To promptly provide Palestine Ahliya University with various supplies and purchases at reasonable prices and high quality. This serves the different entities within the university, including administrations, departments, sections, and centers, and contributes to the university’s overall goals.

The department’s tasks involve establishing modern warehouses based on advanced systems. This includes the purchases, storage, coding, and classification of materials according to detailed and different categories that specify the type of material.
The Supplies and Purchasing Department plays a vital role in supporting the university’s smooth functioning and ensures that all necessary resources are readily available for its operations.

The main objective of the Supplies and Purchasing Department is to manage and keep up with all new developments that contribute to the development of the educational and academic processes at the university, in line with its vision, mission, and goals.


1. Preserving the university’s assets, including furniture, equipment, and consumable materials.

2. Organizing the receiving process of materials, ensuring their quantity and compliance with the required specifications from suppliers, and documenting the receipt accurately and officially.

3. Delivering all the needs of departments and sections at the university through an organized process and authorized expenditure documents.

4. Maintaining a stocked inventory in the warehouses to meet daily and recurrent needs such as stationery, office supplies, printer ink, photocopiers, and various maintenance tools.

5. Conducting periodic inventory checks of the university’s assets in coordination with the Financial Department, reconciling them with the records, and ensuring their suitability for educational activities according to the university’s administration vision.

6. Keeping the warehouse staff up-to-date and qualified for their tasks, monitoring and supervising their work to ensure compliance with regulations and laws.



Name Job Position E-mail
Mr. Yousef Hisham Obeid Director of Supplies and Purchasing Department
Mr. Issa Salahat Storekeeper
Mr. Khalid Al-Disi Supplies and Procurement Officer
Mrs. Merry mura Administrative Assistance
Mr. Marwan Saadeh Supplies and Procurement Officer