Palestine Ahliya University established the Department of Supplies and Procurement in 2007 in order to provide the University with the necessary stationery, furniture, equipment and other materials in an organized, efficient, and timely manner. The department utilizes set procedures and policies to maintain and distribute materials and ensure that the University keeps pace with technology.

To meet the University’s supply and material needs quickly and efficiently, and maintain a strong connection and integration with other departments in the University.


To serve the departments of Palestine Ahliya University with high quality and cost-efficient supplies and material in a timely manner in order to contribute to the overarching goals and mission of the University.

This is done through the use of modern systems and policies, with detailed tracking and proper storage of goods. The Department is also responsible for maintaining; up-to-date records of the latest products, relationships with distributors, and accurate reports as required by University Management.

  • Maintain records of the University’s assets including furniture, equipment and
    Organize and record incoming material following their specifications.
  • Deliver all materials and supplies to the departments in the university in accordance with set procurement and distribution policies.
  • Maintain warehouse stock that meets the daily and recurring needs such as stationery, office supplies, printer inks, photocopiers and various maintenance tools.
  • Carry out periodic inventory of the University’s assets in coordination and cooperation with the Department of Finance and their records, and to ensure their usefulness and necessity.
  • Provide professional development opportunities for warehouse staff in order to carry out their work with complete proficiency and in accordance to policies, laws and


Name Job Position E-mail
Mr. Yousef Hisham Obeid Supplies and Procurement Manager
Ms. Orianna Salameh Supplies and Procurement Officer
Mr. Khalid Al-Disi Supplies and Procurement Officer