The Quality Assurance Department was established at the beginning of the academic year 2011/2012 in alignment with the strategic vision of Palestine Ahliya University, which aims for a competitive level of education, learning, scientific research, and community service. Quality and excellence were given priority in terms of promoting their culture and practical application in all aspects to support the educational process. The department consists of two committees: a supreme advisory committee composed of the university president and his deputies, responsible for formulating general policies and annual plans for the department reviewing and approving achievements’ records. The technical committee comprises academic and administrative quality coordinators who monitor the workflow according to their expertise.

VISION: To be the reference and pioneer in implementing quality standards to achieve academic excellence at the local, Arab, and international levels.

MISSION: The department strives to disseminate and apply a quality culture in academic and administrative work, aiming for excellence in academic education, distinctive learning, community service, scientific research, the efficiency of human resources, and support services. This is done to ensure competitiveness at the local, Arab, and international levels through achieving local and international quality assurance standards and benefiting from successful experiences.


1. Reviewing, updating, and approving a clear and specific system of standards for the quality of academic outputs for all educational programs.
2. Actively contributing to the accreditation files of new academic programs and their reviews.
3. Actively contributing to the system, policies, and procedures for academic and administrative work at the university.
4. Actively contributing to achieving the university’s mission and objectives related to educational and organizational quality.
5. Assisting faculties and departments in designing and implementing standards and tools to measure the quality of academic outputs, control processes, and self-evaluation.
6. Designing, approving, and assisting in applying administrative and academic models in cooperation with the Academic Affairs and relevant bodies.
7. Preparing studies related to the quality of academic work and the market needs for academic accreditations and others.
8. Contributing to and supervising the implementation of the university’s strategic plan.
9. Organizing awareness and educational seminars and workshops on quality, excellence in education, and learning.
10. Representing the university in committees, projects, and activities related to quality assurance.



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Eng.Haitham Hejazi Director