The Quality Assurance Department was established at the beginning of the academic year 2011/2012. The department’s purpose, in line with the strategic vision of the University, is to ensure that the University maintains high quality and competitiveness in education, academic research and community service.

The department consists of two committees: an advisory committee; comprised of the University president and his deputies, who oversee and approve the general policies and annual plans of the department, and a technical committee that is comprised of academic coordinators from each faculty who assist in monitoring the progress of work according to set regulations and criteria.


To lead in the development and application of quality standards that supports and promotes excellence in the academic outcomes of the University and is recognized locally, regionally and internationally.


The department seeks to foster a culture of quality and accountability in academic and administrative work to support the achievement ofexcellence in education and higher learning, community service, academic research, human resources and administration, and services that support the academic process.


  1. Review, update and approve standards for the quality of academic outcomes for all academic programs.
  2. Contribute to the accreditation of new academic programs.
  3. 3 Contribute to the development of policies and procedures for academic and administrative work in the University.
  4. Monitor and evaluate the realization of the University’s strategies and mission.
  5. Assist faculties and departments in the design and implementation of quality standards through providing them with the appropriate tools for measuring the quality of academic outcomes and conducting self-evaluation.
  6. Prepare studies and research on the quality of academic work and market needs for accrediting new academic programs.
  7. Contribute to and supervise the implementation of the strategic plan of the University.
  8. Hold seminars and awareness-raising workshops on quality and excellence in teaching and learning.
  9. Represent the University in committees, projects and related activities.


Name Position E-Mail
Eng.Haitham Hejazi Director