As the result of a decision by PAU Administration to invest in ongoing professional development opportunities for the faculty, the University inaugurated the Professional Development Department (PDD) whose purpose is to plan and implement professional development opportunities that meet the needs of the faculty. The primary focus of the program is on developing and enhancing teaching methodology and praxis, as well as academic research.


To support a culture of ongoing development through providing opportunities that motivate faculty to engage in exchanging ideas, opinions and experiences in the field of instructional pedagogy and learning. Such activities foster faculty knowledge, skills, abilities and values, which ultimately enhances student learning.


Quality professional development opportunities that contribute to upgrading faculty competences in the areas of instructional pedagogy, learning and academic research.


  • Designing a PD program that; meets the faculty’s needs, fosters excellence in instruction, and leads to success in learning
  • Offering PD activities and opportunities that comprise workshops, lectures and conferences.
  • Motivating faculty to establish “learning communities” that consist of faculty from different programs who engage in deep, continual and principled discussions about common areas and topics.
  • Boosting a culture of constructive discourse among faculty from different specialties around teaching methodology and active learning.

PD Committee

Name Membership e-mail address
Professor Aziz Khalil Chair of FDD and Chair of FD Committee
Dr. Mohammad Saabneh Member
Mr. Naem Salah Member
Mr.Majed Al-Shrouf Member
Mr. Sameh Taqatqah Member
Mr. Ahmad Assaf Member
Mr. Maysara Tahhan Member