Bachelor of Applied English Language is distinguished by including practical courses addressing English for specific purposes such as media, law, business and management, hotel management, and secretarial work. The program concentrates on improving students’ competencies that enable them to work in teaching, media, secretarial work, translation, or any administrative job in the private sector, such as banks and companies. The program includes courses on Language skills, grammar, applied linguistics, literature and many other courses that equip students with practical, interactive communication skills, critical thinking, and thorough analysis of language components and systems, namely phonetics, morphology, syntax and semantics. A degree in Applied English Language is designed to graduate well-qualified students with all the language skills necessary to succeed in the job market. One of the main aims is to get students thinking creatively and analytically about the English Language.

The Department of Applied English hopes to contribute to Palestine Ahliya University’s vision to become a national center for English language studies, research, service, and cultural programs. It aims to refine each of the two areas of its mission by concentrating its resources on developing its strengths and areas of highest potential growth. The department seeks to provide the highest quality courses to graduate practical students who can address the new century’s challenges. In addition, it plans to promote advanced research in English language teaching and theoretical and applied linguistics and training research-oriented university instructors of English. Therefore, it commits itself to promoting faculty development in research, publication, creative work, and other professional activities to advance knowledge and pedagogy.


The mission of the Department of Applied English is to promote knowledge and understanding of the English language from both theoretical and applied perspectives and to educate students to be highly competent professionals whose teaching, training and testing cover all skill areas in a wide variety of settings and for various occupational purposes. It seeks to provide students with high-quality instruction in applied sub-disciplines of the English language that would allow them to use English efficiently and to pursue different positions in well-established institutions such as embassies, UN agencies, schools, companies, hospitals, etc.   


  1. All students who intend to obtain a B.A. degree in Applied English Language should have an average of 65% or above in the General Certificate Exam.  
  2. Sophomore students should meet the following requirements to be officially accepted to major: 
  • Passing English Language Skills I (120101) and English Language Skills II (120102). 
  • By the end of FALL, 2nd-year students are required to pass the following courses achieving a major GPA of (1.5) at least: 
  • Writing I (120103). 
  • Oral Communication I (120202). 

English Grammar (120203). 

  • Advanced Reading (120411). 
  • Personal interview.


Credit hours required for obtaining the degree: The study plan for the B.A program in Applied English Language consists of (132) credit hours, allocated as follows:


Total Free Major Requirements (81)  Faculty Requirements  University Requirements 
132 6 Elective Compulsory Elective Compulsory Elective Compulsory 
6 75 3 15 3 24


Intended Learning Outcomes (ILOs): 


  1. Demonstrating knowledge of the educational and psychological principles underlying methods of teaching English as a foreign language. 
  2. Demonstrating understanding of the basic principles underlying the sub-fields of Applied Linguistics, such as psycholinguistics, sociolinguistics, contrastive linguistics… etc. 
  3. Demonstrating understanding of the types of evaluation used to assess student learning. 
  4. Demonstrating understanding of the linguistic characteristics of English registers used for specific purposes. 
  5. Demonstrating appropriate use of English language skills for varied purposes in different contexts. 
  6. Translating different types of texts between English and Arabic. 
  7. Delivering lessons using modern teaching methods. 
  8. Analyzing literary texts focusing on the description of character traits, themes and identification of literary figures of speech as well as the cultural aspects of the texts. 
  9. Analyzing the linguistic systems of the English language on the phonological, morphological, syntactic and semantic levels. 
  10. Implementing an applied research project/study, following the steps of language research methods and presenting findings orally and in writing.
Name of potential workplace Name of potential career
Schools Teachers/ secretaries
Colleges of Applied Professions Teachers
Public and private institutions Administrative  assistant 
Educational centers Tours
Banks Cashier/ Administrative  secretary
Tourist offices translator