The Human Resources Department was established with the establishment of Palestine Ahliya University. Since its inception, it has been dedicated to providing highly competent and qualified human resources and offering necessary services efficiently and effectively to the university’s employees. The department focuses on the human element, considered the most valuable asset in the administration and has the most significant impact on the productivity and efficiency of administrative organizations. It is responsible for all administrative matters related to the university’s staff, including faculty members and administrative personnel, from announcing job vacancies to managing their service period until completion.

VISION: To provide distinctive administrative services in accordance with applicable regulations, laws and instructions based on scientific and professional principles, aiming to achieve excellence in human resources administration.

MISSION: To provide qualified and highly competent human resources, offer necessary services efficiently and effectively to the university’s employees, and create a suitable and stimulating environment through creativity and teamwork.
1. Assessing the university’s human resources needs.
2. Providing qualified staff members.
3. Guiding and training employees.
4. Developing salary and wage scales.
5. Establishing a communication channel between employees and the university’s administration.
6. Supervising the evaluation of all university employees, collecting and analyzing evaluation data, and providing recommendations based on the results.
7. Contributing to the development of the university’s short-term and strategic plans.



Name Job Position E-mail
Mr. Hamzeh Abdullah Head of Human Resources Department
Ms. Rufaida Farraj Administrative Employee