The Human Resources Department has been working to provide qualified human resources and the necessary services to employees of the University efficiently and effectively.

The Human Resources Department focuses on the human element of management and plays a critical role in the productivity and efficiency of PAU.

Human Resources is concerned with the administrative matters related to university employees (both faculty members and administrative staff), starting from the announcement of vacancies, through the period of service, up until the position is vacated.


To provide high quality administrative services, regulations and policies for the University in order to maintain a solid reputation as an institution with distinguished human resource management.


Work in an efficient manner to provide the university with qualified and efficient employees, necessary services and motivation to the employees in a creative environment.


  1. Maintain awareness of the University’s human resource needs.
  2. Provide qualified staff.
  3. Direct and train employees.
  4. Develop the salary scale.
  5. Provide a communication channel between employees and the University administration.
  6. Supervise the evaluation of all employees at the University.
  7. Contribute to the development of the University’s strategic plan.


Name Job Position E-mail
Mr. Hamzeh Abdullah Head of Human Resources Department
Ms. Rufaida Farraj Administrative Employee