The Public Relations Department at Palestine Ahliya University is the platform from which the University’s services, achievements and future projects are promoted. The department also works to highlight the University’s identity and deliver clear and concise messaging on PAU’s goals and objectives, in addition to maintaining a highly respected reputation. The department works continuously with local and international community institutions to create meaningful relationships and cooperation and build strong networks, thus enhancing the University’s public profile and reputation on local, regional and international levels.

The Public Relations Department plays a significant role in organizing and supervising the various activities of the University in cooperation with management, administration and all academic departments. The main mission of the department is to raise the public profile of the University and to enhance internal cooperation between its departments and strengthen external relations in order to contribute to achieving the University’s mission.


The Public Relations Department’s vision stems from the University’s overall vision of maintaining a reputation as ahigher education institution that continually seeks to advance the academic, cultural and civil levels of the community and works to keep pace with global standards of technological and scientific development through providing all available modern tools and highly qualified faculty and staff.


To effectively contribute to elevating the status of the University locally and internationally, improving the public image of the University and opening effective communication channels with other parties. In addition to promoting the University’s mission, philosophy, activities and news through different types of media, the department is charged with organizing and following-up on the Universities’ activities and doing what is needed to follow protocols (cultural and political) and receiving distinguished guests and visitors.


  1. To build a wide network of relations with various academic institutions, both inside and outside the country, to exchange experiences and knowledge, and help evaluate opportunities for providing university education opportunities for disadvantaged students through seeking scholarships and assistance and finding means to support students in need.
  2. To elevate the University’s vision and philosophy via various means, including effective media coverage of the University’s activities and ongoing communication with media organizations.
  3. To strengthen relations with local, regional and international institutions who also servehigher education and university goals.
  4. To formulate and implement strategies to reach target groups such as with school students, parents, and community institutions.
  5. To provide general information about the University to visitors and delegations.
  6. To represent the University in festivals, conferences and various activities.
  7. To formulate and supervise publications from the University.
  8. To coordinate the yearly graduation ceremony in cooperation with the graduation committee.
  9. To take part in setting future strategic goals and visions that aim to further develop the University and its facilities.
  10. To follow-up and update the contents of the University’s website.


Name Position E-Mail
Mr. Jiries Abu Ghannam Head of international and public relations Department
Ms. Lina Khlief Administrative Employee