The International and Public Relations Department at Palestine Ahliya University is the starting point for promoting the university’s services, achievements, and future projects. It works to highlight the university’s identity appropriately and provide a clear understanding of its aims, components, and objectives while maintaining its good reputation. The department also maintains continuous and active communication with local and international institutions, utilizing various direct and indirect communications to create positive cooperation and integration with the community. This enhances the university’s status and positive image on the local, Arab, and internationally.

VISION: The International and Public Relations Department’s vision aligns with the university’s overall vision, which aims to be a leading institution in higher education, advancing scientific, cultural, and civilizational levels. The department plays a pivotal role in organizing and supervising various university activities, seeking to achieve its objectives through interaction and collaboration with its administrative and academic departments. Its primary mission is to enhance the university’s image and status, strengthen internal cooperation between departments, and foster productive external relations to contribute to its mission, position, and continuity.

MISSION: The mission of the International and Public Relations Department is to actively contribute to elevating the university’s reputation locally, nationally, and internationally. It aims to improve the university’s public perception and establish effective communication channels with other entities. Additionally, the department markets the university’s mission, philosophy, activities, and news through various mass media. It also organizes and monitors university activities and carries out necessary protocols and receptions for university visitors.


1. Building a vast network of relationships with various universities, both nationally and internationally, to exchange experiences and knowledge and assist in providing opportunities for higher education to students by seeking scholarships and aid for those in need and supporting the Student Aid Fund.
2. Disseminating the university’s vision and philosophy through various means, including media coverage of university events and activities and communicating with media institutions.
3. Strengthening relationships with local, regional, and international institutions to serve the advancement of higher education and the university’s progress.
4. Formulating and implementing strategies to reach target groups, including school students, parents, and community institutions.
5. Providing general information about the university to the public, visitors, and delegations.
6. Representing the university in festivals, conferences, and various events.
7. Crafting and supervising university publications.
8. Coordinating the annual graduation ceremony in collaboration with the Graduation Committee.
9. Participating in shaping future visions for the university’s development and its facilities.
10. Monitoring and updating the content of the university’s website.



Name Position E-Mail
Mr. Jiries Abu Ghannam President’s Assistant for Public and International Relations
Ms. Isra Odeh Multimedia and Digital Production Officer
Ms. Farah Qafisheh Public Relations Officer
Dr. Rawan Siaj Communication and Networking Officer