The Department of Finance is a core administrative body at Palestine Ahliya University. This department plays a critical role in the overall financial operations of the University. This department hosts the entire financial system for the University, which collects, classifies, and analyzes financial data as well as maintains responsibility for recording and disseminating all incoming and outgoing financial transactions. The department supports all parties related to the institution including managers, investors, students and official bodies, and works to implement all financial laws, policies, and regulations adopted by the University, in addition to protecting the assets and property of the institution itself.


Process and analyze all financial information through an advanced and comprehensive accounting system in order to produce outputs and outcomes that meet the needs of all parties.


The Department of Finance is committed to providing high quality service to all beneficiaries (staff and students) through an efficient, timely and accurate delivery of financial services and information.


  1. Provide required financial statements in an accurate and timely manner
  2. Work in accordance with and adherence to international standards for financial statements and transactions.
  3. Operate with transparency and objectivity in all financial transactions.


Name Job Position E-mail
Mr. Omar A.Issa Financial Manager
Mr. Mohammad .D. AL Zeer Chief Accountant
Ms. Tasnim Odeh Accountant
Ms. Jamila Shamroukh Accountant/cashier