The Financial Department is considered one of the essential departments at Palestine Ahliya University, and its importance stems from its role and connection with all other departments. It represents the financial system responsible for collecting, classifying, tabulating, and analyzing data to generate economic outputs that assist all relevant parties within the university, including investors, students, and official entities. The department also ensures the implementation of all approved university regulations and laws while protecting the university’s assets and properties.

VISION: The Financial Department’s vision aligns with the university’s overall vision. It aims to embrace developments within the university, keeping up with the expansion of activities and achieving financial standards through advanced and comprehensive accounting and financial records and analyzing all available data. This is accomplished by adopting sophisticated accounting systems and programs that provide economic outputs that meet all needs.

MISSION: The Financial Department fulfill its mission by providing the best service to all university stakeholders. This includes working with efficiency, accuracy, and timely delivery of financial outputs.

1. Providing the required financial data promptly.
2. Delivering financial data with high accuracy.
3. Adhering to international standards for financial data.
4. Ensuring transparency and objectivity in financial data.



Name Job Position E-mail
Mr. Muhammad Dawood Al zeer The Director of Financial Affairs/ President’s Assistant for Financial Affairs
Mr. Omar Abdul Aziz Issa Financial consultant
Mrs. Tasneem Odeh Head of the Accounts Department
Mrs. Jameela Shamroukh Treasurer
Mr. Mohammed Abdul Aziz Accountant