The Information Technology Department at Palestine Ahliya University is the core of the Excellence Center for Information and Communication Technology. It provides computer services to students, academics, administrative, and technical staff. The department oversees the automation of all university systems, including admissions, registration, procurement, finance, and more. Additionally, it offers internet services, email services, and technical support to students and employees.

One of the primary responsibilities of the Information Technology Department is the overall supervision of the university’s labs, including equipment and software, to ensure the provision of necessary tools for practical study and scientific research for students and researchers.

Since the department is aware of the importance of technological training that keeps pace with technical development, it provides students with practical, specialized training that aligns with the needs of the technology sector.

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The Most Important Tasks Carried Out by the Department:

The department’s tasks include managing the university’s website and constantly developing it, teaching the practical part of IT courses, supervising email services for employees and students, providing computer services to university members, automating administrative procedures in various departments, and conducting training programs in different IT fields.

VISION: The Information Technology Department aims to offer the best technological services at the university, reaching globally standardized services to facilitate the work of academics, administrators, and researchers.

MISSION: To serve the academic and research process at Palestine Ahliya University by providing the latest technological tools and facilitating communication between university members.


• Providing computer services to students and employees.
• Automating administrative procedures in various departments.
• Conducting training programs in different IT fields.
• Monitoring and updating produced software.
• Studying bids for IT equipment.
• Monitoring security matters on university networks.
• Following up on internet network affairs: providers, optimal use of the network, and ensuring quality of service.
• Following up with internet service providers and the internal wired and wireless network.
• Training students on essential technological matters.



Name Job Position E-mail
Mr. Ahmad Nassim Director
Mr. Osama Sbeih Lab Supervisor
Mr. Fahed Abu Haikal Multimedia Supervisor
Mr. Mahmoud Said Developer