Information Technology Center at PAU is the technology services hub at the University, whose purpose is to provide computer services to students, academics, and administrators. It also oversees the automation of all the University’s systems of enrollment, registration, procurement, and finance, in addition to providing internet services, e-mail services and technical support for staff and students. It is the responsibility of the Department of Information Technology to supervise the university computer labs with regards to both hardware and software and to ensure the University provides the requirements of practical study and academic research for students and researchers. In recognition of the importance of technological development, the Department of Information Technology (IT) hosts training in the fields of programming and mobile applications in order to provide participants with the skills required for employment in the IT sector.


The Center of Information Technology aspires to provide high quality technical services for the university, in compliance with global standards, to facilitate the work of faculty, administrators, students and researchers.


To support academic, administrative, and research processes at the University by providing the latest technological means to facilitate communication between the members of the university (staff and students).


  • Supervise the University’s website and develop it in line with advancements.
  • Teach the practical portion (laboratory) of Information Technology Courses.
  • Supervise the email service for employees and s
  • Provide computer services to university students and staff.
  • Computerize all business and administrative procedures within each d
  • Implement training programs in various areas of computer use.
  • Maintain software used at the university, and continue to update it and renew related licenses as needed.
  • Ensure security of the university networks.
  • Monitor internet affairs: communicate with providers, optimize network utilization, and ensure quality of service.
  • Follow-up the University’s internal telecommunication network: maintenance, modernization and d
  • Process requests for tenders related to information technology equipment.
Name Job Position E-mail
Mr. Ahmad Nassim Director
Mr. Osama Sbeih Lab Supervisor
Mr. Fahed Abu Haikal Multimedia Supervisor
Mr. Mahmoud Said Developer