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Dr. Ahmad Al-Batran

Dean of Medical Allied Sciences Faculty

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The Faculty of Allied Medical Sciences is considered one of the first Faculties established at Palestine University in 2007. It is one of the largest Faculties within the university. The Faculty of Allied Medical Sciences continually works on developing its programs. As a result of this development and expansion, it now offers diploma, bachelor’s, and master’s degrees. The Faculty is composed of four departments that offer bachelor’s degrees: Physiotherapy, Medical Imaging, Nursing, and Medical Therapeutic Nutrition. The Faculty also offers diploma programs in Nursing and Physiotherapy. In addition, the Faculty has obtained accreditation to offer master’s programs in Nursing with a specialization in critical care nursing, as well as a specialization in pediatric and neonatal care, along with a Master’s in Physiotherapy.

The Faculty of Allied Medical Sciences is distinguished by its academic staff, who hold post graduate degrees and specialize in various fields. It includes graduates from prestigious international universities with research, practical, and theoretical skills. The Faculty’s policy, in addition to the theoretical aspect and laboratory work, focuses on providing students with training in the best hospitals and specialized medical centers.

These specializations have been designed within the framework of the educational philosophy of Palestine Ahliya University. The university has kept pace with modern education by providing the latest educational tools and technological devices, along with a mini-hospital and simulation laboratories. It also offers high-quality medical centers, such as the American Heart Association-affiliated Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) center, in order to meet the standards of excellence in acquiring the knowledge and skills necessary to enable our graduates to keep up with all that is new and serve the Palestinian community.



Providing high-quality educational and research specializations in various allied medical sciences to supply the labor market with qualified graduates capable of serving the healthcare sector.



Striving to meet the growing demand of the Palestinian community for qualified and exceptional technical professionals in various therapeutic, diagnostic, preventive, and rehabilitative fields. This is to align with the advanced standards of healthcare and medical services that reach the level of scientific and technological progress in all healthcare domains.



These programs have been designed to achieve several objectives, including:

  • Graduating qualified individuals capable of providing a high level of healthcare.
  • Graduating competent professionals with the motivation to keep pace with developments in the healthcare field.
  • Developing graduates’ academic, professional, and research skills.
  • Expanding the offering of the best allied medical sciences specializations to meet the needs of community institutions and contribute to their advancement.
  • Developing curricula and course syllabi to align with new developments and making necessary adjustments continuously.
  • Promoting scientific research and utilizing studies and research to enhance healthcare professions.
  • Providing comprehensive nursing care to patients, their families, and the community based on nursing principles.
  • Developing master’s programs in various specializations to enhance the level of healthcare professions in Palestine.