About The Lab

The Languages Lab at Palestine Ahliya University was established and activated in 2020 under the supervision of the Projects Department as a part of the ERASMUS+ TEFL project. Its main objectives are to develop modern and interactive teaching and learning methods for the English language, focusing on practical application and integrating technology in education.

Practical Uses of the Lab:

The lab is used by students and instructors of the English Language Department for practical application of the course and the newly developed curriculum by the project, covering the four essential language skills (reading, writing, speaking, and listening). The Center for Continuing Education will also benefit from the lab in various language courses.

Components of the Lab:

The lab is equipped with modern devices, including computers and laptops with advanced specifications, audio systems, cameras, interactive whiteboards, and an exceptional server. It also has software for autonomy-learning and e-learning activation.

Contact info:

Lab Coordinator: Dr. Naem Salah