The Planning and Development department’s main responsibilities are coordinating, facilitation and monitoring the function of planning and development strategies in the university, in addition to development and ‎implementation planning in line with the university’s mission and goals. Moreover, the department creates assessment plans to measure the fulfillment of the expected goals lament of the a\targeted goals y as throughout the approved monitoring scales and use of clear and consistent standards that fit into modern education standards.


Achieve sustainable development and strategic planning to reach an   entrepreneurial university that stands out on both national and international levels.


Enhance integrated planning and development activities and inclusive growth in order to reach high quality education and educational services.


  • Set strategic plans and studies for all aspects of work.
  • Conduct development projects and build new skills with the highest levels of professionalism. Risk management by defining future expectations and regulations.
  • Conduct research studies in various educational fields.
  • Develop capacity of faculty and assist the need of academic personnel in the university.
  • Ensure application of regulations and quality standards and publish them in the university.
  • Ensure the provision of financial needs, resources and facilities.
  • Work in an integrated manner with all departments to achieve the goals of operational plans.
  • Support sustainable development of academic programs and maintain contact with other organizations to enhance cooperation and partnership inside and outside the country.
  • Raise the quality of supervisory work and evaluate institutional performance by preparing reports in accurate numbers on the efforts of the university and its departments.
  • Provide top administration with the necessary support based on the results of the evaluation processes, in addition to submitting proposals to assist in the decision-making process that benefits both the university and the local community.

Administrative staff:

  • Labib Arafeh, Assistant to the President for Planning and Development affairs.
  • Lina Muallem, Planning and Development Project Coordinator.
Name Membership E-Mail CV
Dr. Labib Arafeh Chair of Planning and Development Department l.arafeh@paluniv.edu.ps View CV
Prof. Aziz Khalil Member a.khalil@paluniv.edu.ps View CV
Dr. Adnan Qabaja Member aqubbaja@paluniv.edu.ps View CV
Dr. Khaled Sabarna Member k.sabarna@paluniv.edu.ps View CV
Dr. Sohal Al-Ahmad Member sohail@paluniv.edu.ps View CV
Dr. Jamil Itmazi Member ahasasneh@paluniv.edu.ps View CV
Dr. Ali Abu Maria Member alilaw@paluniv.edu.ps View CV
Mr. Mohammad Shadeed Member m.shdid@paluniv.edu.ps View CV
Mr. Khaled Shanaa Member khaled@paluniv.edu.ps View CV