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Dr. Suhail Al-Ahmad

Dean of Law Faculty

00970 - 22751566 / 204


The Faculty of Law is one of the first faculties established by Palestine Ahliya University in 2007. The Faculty takes pride in its remarkable achievements over a short time among other Palestinian Law Faculties. The Faculty offers a Bachelor of Law Program supported by technical and practical training in order to produce qualified lawyers. A law student will undertake a number of legal subjects which vary from Public and Private Law to other important legal issues that qualify the student to pursue their higher legal studies.

The Bachelor of Law Program aims to create well-qualified law professionals who are able to promote Palestinian legislation in all fields which complement the social, cultural, and economic environment of Palestine. Further, it fills the Justice Sector’s requirement (The Palestinian Judiciary, the Ministry of Justice, and the Public Prosecutor). The Bachelor of Law Program graduates are able to be legal advisors for the Palestinian Authority’s Ministries. Additionally, they are well equipped to undertake legal studies addressing social issues and challenges


To create well-qualified legal professionals who are capable of maintaining the Palestinian legal system with integrity.


The Faculty’s aspiration is to continually upgrade law education in both theory and practice with a focus on in depth-legal studies. This aim is to meet the requirements of the Palestinian Justice Sector. Specifically, to promote the specialized judiciary and contribute in setting up the State of Law in Palestine.


  1. Upholding high standards in legal education with an emphasis on in-depth legal subjects which are vital to safeguard Palestinian Law.
  2. Offering skilled graduates opportunities to update and reform the Palestinian Statutes and develop the Palestinian legal system.
  3. Inspiring law students to pursue legal research in the field of application of law and courts decisions.
  4. Stimulating a system where legal studies are reflective of Palestinian reality.

Preparing self-confident students who are capable to practice law and be members at the Palestinian Bar Association.