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Prof. Ali Abu Maria

Dean of Law Faculty

00970 - 22751566 / 204


The Faculty of Law is one of the first faculties established by Palestine Ahliya University since its foundation in 2007. In a short period, it has gained a distinguished position among Palestinian law faculties and has become a focal point for those interested in obtaining a Bachelor’s degree in law. From the beginning, establishing the Faculty of Law aimed to provide the best Bachelor’s program in law, supported by modern technological tools for theoretical teaching and practical training, to prepare students academically and practically.

The Bachelor’s program offers public and private law courses, focusing on specialized courses that qualify students to pursue further studies in specific legal fields such as civil law, commercial law, administrative and constitutional law, criminal law, and international law. These specializations are essential for meeting the Palestinian community’s and various institutions’ needs to build a state governed by the rule of law. The program aims to contribute to the development of Palestinian legislation, keeping pace with laws in advanced countries, and providing qualified graduates to meet the increasing demands of the justice sector, including the judiciary, the Ministry of Justice, and the public prosecution, as well as legal consultants for various Palestinian government ministries. The Faculty of Law seeks to prepare highly competent qualified graduates to conduct legal research, contribute to legal studies, and have the competence to work as legal advisors and consultants for different public and private institutions, including the police and security forces.

VISION: To prepare a generation of law graduates capable of contributing to establishing an integrated and renewed justice system in Palestine.

MISSION: To enhance law education theoretically and practically, and move towards precise specialization to accommodate the massive influx of legal knowledge, absorb this considerable flow of legal expertise, advance the justice sector in general, establish a specialized judiciary and lay the foundations of the state of law in Palestine in particular.

1. Prepare a new generation of law graduates qualified to participate in building the institutions of the Palestinian state and meeting the increasing needs of the justice sector in Palestine (the judiciary, public prosecution, and the Ministry of Justice), as well as the various public and private institutions and police forces.
2. Provide qualified graduates to update and unify Palestinian legislation and develop the new legal system gradually taking shape in Palestine so that Palestinian legislation keeps pace with the laws in other developed countries.
3. Prepare legal professionals capable of conducting legal research and studies, especially in jurisprudential interpretation and law application, and implementing court decisions while identifying the changing and growing needs of the Palestinian community, establishing a system of direct interaction between legal sciences and the Palestinian reality.
4. Prepare qualified graduates to undergo training in the legal profession, thus meeting the requirements for obtaining a lawyer’s license and registration in the Palestinian Bar Association.