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Dr. Mahmoud Itmeizeh

Dean of Art Faculty

00970 - 22751566 / 174


The Faculty of Arts offers four academic programs; Arabic Language and Literature, Applied English, Sociology, and Islamic Studies. These four programs prepare students for various jobs within Palestinian society through providing the necessary knowledge and skills to carry their duties successfully and contribute to serving the local community.


The Faculty of Arts strives to deliver programs that focus on a balanced approach to teaching both theoretical knowledge and practical skills.The goal is to produce students who are able to make effective contributions towards developing Palestinian society and are armed with the appropriate qualifications for a variety of jobs in their relevant fields of specialization.


PAU’s Faculty of Arts offers programs that provide students with the opportunity to study in an academic environment and enrich their knowledge and skills through research and experimentation.


The Faculty of Arts strives to achieve five main objectives:

  1. To continuously review the programs, focusing on the intended learning outcomes, syllabus and assessment methods.
  1. To deliver academic programs that meet the needs of the Palestinian labor market.
  1. To provide students with knowledge and skills that qualifies them to pursue graduate studies.
  1. To provide professional development activities for faculty members.
  1. To encourage faculty members to carry out research that contributes to developing and enhancing the teaching and learning process.