Strategic Goals:


Expanding the academic programs to enhance the integration of knowledge and responsiveness to the needs of Palestinian community, and the local and Arabic labor market in a systematic manner, and within the available resources and with compliance to the best quality assurance standards.


  • “Set of responsive academic programs to the needs of the Palestinian community, the labor market and its demands that are compliant to the best quality assurance standards in Palestine, Arabic World and the internationally”


“Enhancing the infrastructure of PAU to meet the demands of expanded academic programs”


  • “Enhanced infrastructure of the PAU”


“Reviewing and developing the quality of the PAU academic outcomes and admin performance, that meet the Palestinian, Arabic and international quality assurance standards”


  • “Set of clear and well-defined quality assurance standards for the outcomes of the academic programs”
  • “Set of M&E policies and procedures for the academic and admin performance of the PAU”


“Reviewing and developing the PAU policies and strategies of academic and applied research to achieve entrepreneurial position and meet the needs at the Palestinian, Arabic and international levels in this area”


  • “Comprehensive academic and applied research policies of the PAU”
  • “Established applied research centers that are specialized in vital and prioritized areas for Palestinian society and integrated with other research centers in Palestine”


“Drafting and implementing comprehensive plan to develop the capacities of the PAU academic and admin human resources to meet the requirements for the development of the academic programs, including congruent resources mobilizations strategies and facilitations that would contribute to the promotion of the competitive advantages of the university”


  • “Integrated plan to enhance the capacities of the PAU existing human resources and recruiting qualified cadre from Arab and International market”


“Developing networking policies and plans with academic institutions and donors at local, Arabic and International levels”


  • “Clear and comprehensive networking  policy and plans with the academic institutions and donors”
  • “Designing and marketing one academic program at the Arabic World level”
  • “Designing and marketing one academic program at the international level”
  • “Restructuring the development and planning”


“Expanding the community partnerships through projects and programs that creatively address the demands and capacities of the academic programs, the needs of local communities, the academic outcomes goals, and the social responsibility of the PAU”


  • “Community development projects that tab the capacities of the academic staff and students of all programs for the interest of needy community groups and enhance the quality of the academic outcomes of the PAU programs”
  • “Policy of intensives to encourage students initiatives in the community development area”