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Dr. Ali Abu Maria

Dean of Postgraduate & Scientific Research

00970 - 22751566 / 183


The key roles of universities and higher education institutions are twofold: education and scientific research. An increase in the quantity and quality of scientific research and study is of paramount importance in Palestine.

The Deanship of Scientific Research was established by Palestine Ahliya University in recognition of the importance of scientific research and its role in accomplishing the university’s mission to contribute to enhancing community service. Palestine Ahliya University provides all the necessary requirements needed for conducting innovative scientific research that serves local institutions and communities.


The vision of the Deanship of Scientific Research at Palestine Ahliya University is to achieve leadership and excellence at local and regional levels in the field of scientific research and dissemination of knowledge.


The mission of the Deanship of Scientific Research at Palestine Ahliya University is based on encouraging researchers and academics to carry out exceptional scientific research, participate in knowledge production and to create a research environment conducive to scientific research activities.


  • To support and improve the quality and quantity of scientific research at Palestine Ahliya University through the following activities:
  • Updating laws and scientific research regulations at PAU.
  • Encouraging publication of scientific researches,  conferences, journals and research awards.
  • Supervising research activities through delivering seminars, workshops and forums.
  • Supervising research groups and centers.
  • Managing the internal and external research grants.
  • Following-up on patents, authorship and translation,
  • Providing statistics and reports on the Deanship activities to PAU top management.
  • To encourage teamwork and joint research among colleagues and partners from local and international research centers.
  • To enhance the production of scientific research that aims to provide solutions to societal, institutional and local problems which thus contributes to community advancement.
  • Scientific Research Committee
Name Role Job title
Dr. Jamil Itmazi Chairman Dean of Scientific Research
Dr. Ali Abu Mareyah Member Faculty member
Dr. Mahmoud Itmeizeh Member Head of Applied English Department
Dr. Bahaa Khwereh Member Faculty member
Dr. Yaser Shaheen Member Faculty member
Mr. Azzam Alarab Member Faculty member
Mr. Sameh Taqatqa Member Head of Administrative Information Systems